Front-end Course

What categories we offer in digital marketing and what our  specialities

Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML5)

HTML is the foundation of all web pages , it defines the meaning and structure of web content. Without HTML ,You can’t add picture or videos, organise text to your web pages.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS specifies how colours, motion, layout, and fonts are displayed on web pages. It also demonstrates how HTML components may be displayed.


Bootstrap is a front-end programming framework for building websites and online apps that is open-source. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all used in the Bootstrap framework.


JavaScript transforms static HTML sites into interactive pages with sophisticated content updates, form validation, multimedia management, image animation, and nearly anything else on the web.


JQuery is a feature-rich, quick, and compact Javascript library. It allows for HTML page traversal, for example. With a blend of adaptability and extensibility.


jQuery Mobile is an HTML5-based user interface technology that allows you to create responsive websites and apps that work on both phones and computers.

Node JS

Node.js brings occasion-driven programming to web workers, empowering the advancement of quick web workers in JavaScript. It is used for non-disruptive, event-driven employees.

Angular JS

AngularJs is an open-source Javascript framework that is widely used to improve single-page web applications and It changes the static HTML to dynamic HTML.